Today, Kids & Youth in our Community are at-Risk & Parents don't have Support.

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Who We Are

We're a Non-Profit Organization founded in 1989 by Mar de Jade, a Wellness Resort & Yoga Retreat Center in Mexico. Since then, we've been dedicated to providing a supportive & nurturing environment for our rural community through Wellness, Education & Sustainable Micro-Industry projects.


"We Believe a Nurturing & Supportive Environment is the Key for a Sustainable Community." 



What We Do

We live in a rural area of Mexico where poverty, lack of education & opportunities threaten the most vulnerable members of our community. Children don't have access to a quality education, too many young people are at-risk (sexual and physical abuse, early pregnancy, addictions, school desertion, etc.) and parents don't have the resources or support to overcome this reality.

For over 30 years we've been working to provide new opportunities for these families. Currently we operate 4 Community Projects that have a meaningful impact on many lives.


1. WALDORF - MONTESSORI SCHOOL. - A holistic education for low-income kids from the fishing village of Chacala, Nayarit. Learn More

2. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. -  A supportive & nurturing place for at-risk kids in the farming town of Las Varas, Nayarit. Learn More


3. ORGANIC FARM. - A model of sustainable agriculture & micro-industry for local farmers & a source of employment for struggling mothers. Learn More

4. TRADE SCHOOL. - A program that opens a path for young people at-risk to find a purpose & develop practical skills to thrive in life. Learn More


WELL-BEING CENTER. - Our newest project, a non-profit Well-Being & Leadership Center that will offer Yoga, Meditation, Retreats & Training, to inspire, nourish & empower our community, local leaders, social workers, teachers and parents. Learn More


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 Meet our Community

Meet some of the people that are benefiting from our Community Projects.

Real Lives, Real Stories.


GABY (32) is a talented local preschool teacher. She´s been able to attend a Waldorf teacher training for the last 3 years thanks to our Leadership Program.

MARIA (21) is a hard working entrepreneur. She´s been learning for the last 2 years how to make organic & sustainable products thanks to our Organic Farm & Micro-industry project.

GIL (19) is an enthusiastic young student, but economically responsible for his family. Thanks to the Trade School he´s learning a practical skill, while developing a spiritual life.

SCARLETT & MELANIE (6) are two creative girls from our village, who are receiving a 100% free quality education thanks to our Scholarship Program at the Waldorf - Montessori School in Chacala.



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