Well-Being Learning Center

Raíces (Roots)


Where: La Cuata, Nayarit, Mexico

Offered to: Teachers and staff of all other projects, parents, community change agents and leaders.

Purpose: Fostering community-led sustainability by developing, supporting and inspiring local leaders through high impact training, workshops and conferences on meditation, yoga, education, leadership skills and community well-being.

Projected Impact (with new Community Well-Being Center): 800 - 1,000 people per year



We are applying for funding to build a new Well-Being Learning Center at our Organic Ranch. Once the building is completed we will hold within the first year: weekly Yoga & Meditation for students, parents and teachers of the projects;  a Mindfulness-in-Education training for over 200 teachers, as well as continual training for local teachers, program staff and community leaders. In the second year, in addition we will host a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training for 40 local instructors to extend yoga into their communities; and 6 weekend family retreats on yoga and meditation for 200 people.