Waldorf & Montessori School

Jardín de Mar (Sea Garden)



Where: Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico (Since 2013)

Offered to: Low-income kids from 3 to 12 years old (Preschool & Elementary).

Our Purpose:  To give all children in Chacala a holistic & quality education. Create a school that fosters creativity, promotes high academic values, nurtures human relationships & inspires a growing passion for learning.

Impact (Since 2013): 95 Children + Their Parents.


Jardín de Mar (Sea Garden) is a non-profit school & scholarship program. Founded in 2013, it became the first independent school to offer a holistic & quality education for low-income kids in our community. Today nearly 70% of children in Chacala are benefiting from our preschool and primary program. 

We are inspired by Waldorf and Montessori pedagogy, and we believe education should be centered on nurturing every child's potential to flourish.



We developed a Holistic Education Program under 3 pillars:


Self-esteem • Awareness • Love & Gratitude • Empathy • Joy & Play • Collaboration • Willpower


Practical Life • Language • Math • Cultural Areas • Arts & Movement • Science & Technology • English (ESL)


Imagination • Openness • Curiosity Inventiveness • Intuition • Improvisation • Self-Expression


We believe a generational shift can take place in our community by creating a nurturing environment for the youngest members, a place where they can flourish and develop as WHOLE human beings (socially, emotionally, intellectually & physically).