Meet our Community

Meet some of the people that are benefiting from our Community Projects.

Real Lives, Real Stories.


GABY (32) is a talented local preschool teacher. She´s been able to attend a Waldorf teacher training for the last 3 years thanks to our Leadership Program.

MARIA (21) is a hard working entrepreneur. She´s been learning for the last 2 years how to make organic & sustainable products thanks to our Organic Farm & Micro-industry project.

GIL (19) is an enthusiastic young student, but economically responsible for his family. Thanks to the Trade School he´s learning a practical skill, while developing a spiritual life.

SCARLETT & MELANIE (6) are two creative girls from our village, who are receiving a 100% free quality education thanks to our Scholarship Program at the Waldorf - Montessori School in Chacala.



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